“Joan’s coaching comes from a deep place of compassion within her own heart. She really hears her client and creates a safe space for them to do the work needed to reach their goal.”  — Elizabeth W.  Rhode Island

“The grace and ease that Joan exuded gave me permission to explore the power that fear has in my life  – a topic that I have avoided in years of talk therapy. Truly a rock-star experience.”  — Heather W. Charleston, SC

“I loved working with Joan! She has a depth of both knowledge and heart that holds you in love and compassion with the guidance of a sage. I felt very safe and in capable hands.” — Jia W.  Zionville, NC

“Joan Summers is an absolutely wonderful coach. From the very start of our sessions, I felt that she was deeply interested in me and was able to connect to my heart and soul.  Joan is absolutely authentic and natural in her ability to connect with her client. She also has an excellent command of energy work and I absolutely loved how she brought that into each coaching session.  I felt supported and guided in a very gentle and magnificent way.”   — Vivian T.  San Diego, CA

I suffered an injury last fall and Joan asked if I would mind if she did a little Reiki. I felt something good happening within a few seconds. I continued the Reiki and Life Coaching sessions through the winter. There have been major changes for me on emotional and physical levels. She is awesome – very caring and very good at what she does.  — Linda L. Doylestown, PA.

Joan is very gentle and connects with the individual right away. She asks questions that bring a deep reflection and offers support in a variety of ways to bring healing. She is a wonderful coach. — Dawnna Y. Winslow, AZ

I am forever grateful for my experience with Joan. She opens her heart to her clients, holding and supporting them as she effectively coaches. Joan asks just the right questions to help her clients see a new perspective of self. Thank you Joan for your loving and strong presence and insights.— Adrianna A. Cave Creek, AZ

Dogs are such stoic little beings. Our miniature dashshund was 15 and slowing down, when I met Joan. I asked her to see him in case something she could do might make him more comfortable. He asked for so little, after all.
I invited a neighbor in with her dog. We chatted while Joan was lead by mine, to different places in our house. He told her his little story. He sent me a little message through her that rang so true to my heart. Even though it might be considered a sad little message it gave my heart joy to hear it. He received from her. He slept contentedly for hours after Joan left. ❤
My neighbor and her little dog sat on my couch. Joan sat on the floor, so she was eye to eye with the pup. My neighbor closed her eyes and listened. But her puppy, her puppy stared at Joan as if listening and guiding every word! When Joan stopped talking, the puppy jumped to the floor and sat next to Joan, looking at his owner with such an alert, upright, posture! His eyes were now totally focused on his owners eyes! It was as if he was saying, “Hear what she said! Do not forget! This is what I need from you!”
Both experiences were heart warming, just lovely, and true gifts from Joan and our dogs. ❤ – Melissa R. Doylestown Pa