What is Reiki?

Reiki is the highest light energy that nurtures and restores life to it’s greatest potential. It is a practice of compassion and spiritual connection with all living beings.

Reiki is the Japanese word for “Universal Life Force Energy”. In a Reiki session, this energy is offered and guided by Your Divine Source as it gently flows through my hands to where it is needed most. Your inner wisdom determines the direction and the volume of the flow of Reiki. It is a natural, non-invasive, spiritually guided universal energy that supports the body, mind and spirit in the process of returning to a balanced state.

What are the benefits of Intuitive Reiki?

Intuitive Reiki Sessions are available in person, long distance or with an equine partner.

My clients experience peace of mind, enlightened awareness and physical restoration. Connections between physical pain and emotional trauma are often revealed during an Intuitive Reiki Session, creating an opportunity to release stuck energy. Reiki removes blocked energy allowing your body to heal itself.  It creates deep relaxation and the release of stress and tension. It is common to fall asleep during a session.

Science has shown that our body is naturally balanced by electromagnetic fields. Every cell in our body has positive and negative charges that keep our body in perfect health. When this Energy becomes unbalanced, due to emotional and/or physical stress, the result can be sickness or disease. Reiki rebalances these fields.
Reiki can bring comfort, relieve pain, and bring peace and calm through the process of dying.

What is Intuitive Reiki and Why Horses?


Horses are natural Reiki Masters. Their essential gift is their ability to see and feel the energy around them and their willingness and ability to heal our hearts. A horse’s vibrational frequency is more than two times our own and they can raise our energy vibrations by simply standing next to us.

During these sessions I work in partnership with these energy masters to heal and restore you to a more balanced state.

How do I prepare for a Reiki session?

Since you remain fully clothed it is important for you to be completely comfortable. I suggest wearing loose clothing, remove glasses, shoes watches and unnecessary heavy jewelry. I also ask that you not wear fragrances since I may enhance your session with essential oils. Please do not eat heavily or drink alcoholic beverages before your session. Leaving your cell phone and other electronic devices off will ensure a session completely focused on you.
Most sessions take place in a quiet room with soft light and music while lying on a massage table. Your session can be anywhere. If you would like to be outside in nature, with horses or another venue I would be happy to individualize your session. If you have physical limitations, a Reiki session can be given sitting or standing.

 Intuitive Reiki for Animals

One of the greatest gifts our animals have to offer us is to be in the present moment. In this moment we feel their love and experience the joy of connection. They teach us to laugh and to forgive, how to be patient and kind.



Intuitive Reiki Sessions are available in person or long distance.

They are our trusted confidants and love us unconditionally. They want us to hear their messages and assist in our healing process.
Because our animals are so deeply connected to us, they can absorb the energy of our emotions and our pain. This can cause them to become sick or have physical or emotional pain themselves. Animals naturally understand energy and know how to receive Reiki. They appreciate its gentle and noninvasive approach. Reiki does not replace veterinary care.thumbnail_Zip at core crop (1)

I always ask permission when I offer Reiki to an animal, allowing them to answer “yes ”or “no”.  They determine how the session will unfold.  Sometimes they sit quietly and prefer my hands on their body and other times they prefer to move around or sit at a short distance. Your animal might ask me to include you in the session particularly if they are sharing your pain.

If you have rescued an animal, first let me say “Thank-you from deep within my heart”. Next, we already know that they have experienced some level of trauma, abuse or neglect.  Your pet may have anxiety, fear and trust issues. Reiki induces relaxation and releases tension and blocked energy accelerating the healing process. Reiki offers comfort and support for animals transitioning to spirit and creates a peaceful experience for their human partners.



My Promise to You …

I will be fully present for your sessions using all of my learned and natural ability.
I will provide a safe and nurturing environment.
Our sessions are confidential.
You will be treated with respect and compassion.
I will offer and refer you to other modalities and practitioners, if I feel that it is in your best interest.

It is a privilege and an honor to offer healing in its purest form.